Thursday, January 21, 2010

Opinion Piece

I think that we should learn more about the civil rights and what they did and what were the wars and things that went on and I would like to know who helped hiding the blacks and making sure no one finds them and trying to help them out knowing that slaves are bad to have. And I would like to know a lot more about Haiti it sounds like a place that was never really that good knowing that they didn't have lot of money to begin with and then knowing that they already had to walk to get there water and now they get this bad thing happen to them I would hate to be there knowing that all them people were one alive and hurt or dead or not found yet. I think it would be a better thing for me to know I would think it would be cool if we started a running program the more you run the more money goes to Haiti. Thats what I think And thats what im going to do.

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