Monday, June 14, 2010

Creative Thinking

I loved this year. I loved loved this year. I will miss this year when I leave Main, I picked these pics because It shows you that this year I have expressed my feeling of my heart by putting effort into what i do. It shows that I can do what ever I believe I can do That I learned that I can make a change in life and live it the way I wan to live it. I have started to read a lot more in my life now. not just in school but at home to. I learned that I have more friends then I thought I ever had. And that the beauty that I have is me and no one elses and I am one of a kind. No one can replace what I have. And the creativity of what I have in my heart and what I show with my heart. Being the one to express the feeling of being loved and showing the meaning of life in the right direction.

Poetry Friday

This helped me express my ability to show what I can do. This helped me tremendous. It helped me with trying to spell right. Poetry Friday is a day were I sit down in class and make a lovely poem. And share it with my teacher. I love to go home and share it with my ma and pa. They love how I express myself with just words and a creative mind. After these past poetry Fridays I have been making poems every day. And now I have so many at home. I have learned from making poems that sometimes I have to move on. Or I talk about my feelings way to much. I also found out that Sometimes its not me that has to change but the world itself to. And I found out that love comes and goes from my old posts. And I have also loved going to my teacher and showing what I did for my creative righting about the poem I did. I love seeing the teachers face when the read my work. I learned that there are different ways to make poems and one lines are when there are words on top of each other. And I have learned that there are short poems, long poems, funny and sad poems, I am glad that this year I have gotten to express and show who I really am. And find the person I am And not that girl that seams like a ghost to everything around me.

Reflection on this year

This year in school was grate. There are some moments I will never forget. Like the time I misspelled something in class. And I have learned a lot to. From how to look at something and make a poem out of it. Or learning about romeo and Juliette and then being able to right a poem about them. And I learned that poems are not just a frays or words put together. Its an inspiration from your mind and thoughts. A beautiful rainbow of glorious words raining down onto your paper. And then after your done looking at your paper. You see that you have just made the most beautiful art work you have ever seen, I poem that is meant to be. I have found myself this year of who I am and what I am because of poems and life itself. I found out that a lot more people then I thought like me. I learned this year. That things take time. I also learned that one should be patient. As steady as a beating drum. I have also learned that time can be on your side. And that working with ability and trust... will also help you threw the year. I have learned a lot. :)


Cuba is about this girl that is turning into a young adult and she has to prove to her parents that she can do that. She tries really hard and int he end she ends up messing up and losing everything.
She talks about he life about going to Mexico an eating there food or dancing. She faked a peace of paper and had her dad sign it and he did not know what he was signing. So, I learned from this book that In Cuba you have parties and birthdays to show you reached that responsibility level. And that you should not disrespect you mom or dad. Even if you not in Cuba you shouldn't. And this book is a really good book to read. I felt inspired to rad this book.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Romeo and Juliet

I think this goes with romeo and Juliet because they wanted lust for each other and they had it. And they did it with the warmth of there hearts even threw the weak moments and the strong moments because there families are enemies. And at the end every true love dies rather you are old or you kill yourself. That is why I think this gose with romeo and Juliet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Lust for each other.
Over the good of warmth.
Very weak and strong.
Every true love dies.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Romeo and Juliet

I drew this design because in the book Romeo and Juliet go through bumps and curves while they are married like when they get married they can only see each other here and there. And Capulet is still trying to find her a husband and when he does she don't want to get married because she already is in love with Romeo and shes married to him.

I drew this about Romeo because Romeo and Juliet are enemies and they have to try there hardest to not get killed or cot for loving each other wile they sneak out. And I also picked it because I like how it shows that Romeo is on one side and Juliet is on the other side because in the book Romeo was banished..... and that's what I thought when I was drawing these designs