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Friday, February 12, 2010

my poem

This poem i rewrote. I put this poem involving in how i feel and what my heart feels like its telling me. It was easy at first to think of what i should do but then words didn't come to me right so i tried again and it happened. I read it again and it killed me inside to see what I wrote was true ... the feeling I feel inside... love can be nice.... but love is only another word for cruelty.

poetry friday

I think this was really easy to do I mean i love poems and I do a lot at home the only hard part was finding how to put it in a shape that fits the poem.

Friday, February 5, 2010

letting go

Liking some one is one thing,
loving is another.
crying for a guy is hard,
dieing for a guy is really hard.
feeling the tears run down your face,
feeling your heart stop with out a trace.
Running away finding the answer,
to what your heart is telling you.
You could end up on a road leading to the one who loves you,
Or you could end up on the road to the one who hurts you,
Never give up keep seeking your heart with in you,
because you never know,
he could be seeking,

by peanut stone

"don't ask, don't tell" policy.

I believe that if man kind wants to love another man or female in the army they should because,
No one should jug who they love or like yea to me I don't like it because I think a man and a female should be together but if they love each other more then anything in the world and want to spend the rest of there lives like that then so be it. Its not like something is going to go wrong. I mean really no one should care who lives there lives. I think they should live it they way they like it. And if there in the war then go ahead go to the war. It should not be a big deal. Love is love. You cant stop that. That is why I think people should be able to go to war and be gay or less.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

❤Never Ending❤

The days of my life feel like there going by way to slow. The days of high school not so well. friends and family not getting along. I was told when I get out it would be the same thing. Stuck up chicks and stick up guys thinking that there all that. I need a reality check I wanna know more about the world and whats out there. I feel alone... I feel down... there is nothing .. that can change my mind... the world is a never ending place for me. A place were no dreams come true a place that makes me miss the things that did come true. The world is my world, life is my life, this story, is my story, a story of a girl only 15 making a big choice. To move or not to move. Having a father from the south then coming to the north and taking my family away. They all wana go back to the south and I wanna stay. They choice that I have is to stay or to stray. I don't wanna leave my friends I have no friends down there. list of pros and cons if i leave

its worm no friends
nice cars no snow
adventure being lost
no jerks nothing t fight for

having a live i don't know but i do not for one thing if i leave il miss every one ill cry every night. I dont know what i would do. there are no friends no place and nothing down there to make me happy besides the worm. I DON'T WANNA GO. I DON'T WANNA BE THE ONE TO CHOOSE. RESPONSABILITY AM I READY FOR IT. Am I confident in myself to take care of myself and go to school and take care of a house all by myself. Should i think of good and bad things about main to? Could there be a life in the south for me? Is there a way for me to be happy? The one choice i thought i would never have to make has come. STAY OR LEAVE. I am the never ending story. if my life is good or bad. God planed it. Ill stand strong. Ill stand fears, And I will stand my grounds, I will win my life. I will, I will, I will.