Thursday, February 4, 2010

❤Never Ending❤

The days of my life feel like there going by way to slow. The days of high school not so well. friends and family not getting along. I was told when I get out it would be the same thing. Stuck up chicks and stick up guys thinking that there all that. I need a reality check I wanna know more about the world and whats out there. I feel alone... I feel down... there is nothing .. that can change my mind... the world is a never ending place for me. A place were no dreams come true a place that makes me miss the things that did come true. The world is my world, life is my life, this story, is my story, a story of a girl only 15 making a big choice. To move or not to move. Having a father from the south then coming to the north and taking my family away. They all wana go back to the south and I wanna stay. They choice that I have is to stay or to stray. I don't wanna leave my friends I have no friends down there. list of pros and cons if i leave

its worm no friends
nice cars no snow
adventure being lost
no jerks nothing t fight for

having a live i don't know but i do not for one thing if i leave il miss every one ill cry every night. I dont know what i would do. there are no friends no place and nothing down there to make me happy besides the worm. I DON'T WANNA GO. I DON'T WANNA BE THE ONE TO CHOOSE. RESPONSABILITY AM I READY FOR IT. Am I confident in myself to take care of myself and go to school and take care of a house all by myself. Should i think of good and bad things about main to? Could there be a life in the south for me? Is there a way for me to be happy? The one choice i thought i would never have to make has come. STAY OR LEAVE. I am the never ending story. if my life is good or bad. God planed it. Ill stand strong. Ill stand fears, And I will stand my grounds, I will win my life. I will, I will, I will.

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