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Monday, June 14, 2010

Creative Thinking

I loved this year. I loved loved this year. I will miss this year when I leave Main, I picked these pics because It shows you that this year I have expressed my feeling of my heart by putting effort into what i do. It shows that I can do what ever I believe I can do That I learned that I can make a change in life and live it the way I wan to live it. I have started to read a lot more in my life now. not just in school but at home to. I learned that I have more friends then I thought I ever had. And that the beauty that I have is me and no one elses and I am one of a kind. No one can replace what I have. And the creativity of what I have in my heart and what I show with my heart. Being the one to express the feeling of being loved and showing the meaning of life in the right direction.

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