Monday, June 14, 2010

Reflection on this year

This year in school was grate. There are some moments I will never forget. Like the time I misspelled something in class. And I have learned a lot to. From how to look at something and make a poem out of it. Or learning about romeo and Juliette and then being able to right a poem about them. And I learned that poems are not just a frays or words put together. Its an inspiration from your mind and thoughts. A beautiful rainbow of glorious words raining down onto your paper. And then after your done looking at your paper. You see that you have just made the most beautiful art work you have ever seen, I poem that is meant to be. I have found myself this year of who I am and what I am because of poems and life itself. I found out that a lot more people then I thought like me. I learned this year. That things take time. I also learned that one should be patient. As steady as a beating drum. I have also learned that time can be on your side. And that working with ability and trust... will also help you threw the year. I have learned a lot. :)

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