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Monday, June 14, 2010

Poetry Friday

This helped me express my ability to show what I can do. This helped me tremendous. It helped me with trying to spell right. Poetry Friday is a day were I sit down in class and make a lovely poem. And share it with my teacher. I love to go home and share it with my ma and pa. They love how I express myself with just words and a creative mind. After these past poetry Fridays I have been making poems every day. And now I have so many at home. I have learned from making poems that sometimes I have to move on. Or I talk about my feelings way to much. I also found out that Sometimes its not me that has to change but the world itself to. And I found out that love comes and goes from my old posts. And I have also loved going to my teacher and showing what I did for my creative righting about the poem I did. I love seeing the teachers face when the read my work. I learned that there are different ways to make poems and one lines are when there are words on top of each other. And I have learned that there are short poems, long poems, funny and sad poems, I am glad that this year I have gotten to express and show who I really am. And find the person I am And not that girl that seams like a ghost to everything around me.

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