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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

21 yrs 3 mos

If i was sent to jail for 21 years and 3 months then I would be 36 years old. If I had to go to jail and then I got released I would not know what to do with my life its like I had everything and then I little miss hap about doing something wrong you get put in jail and stay there for 21 years and get things taken away. It would be hard after 21 years of being told what to do or being told when you can do something like walk some were or go to the bathroom or go to eat or any thing. When I got released i would so not know what the world would be like because I'm only 15 now and then having to go threw things in jail then come out to the world trying to find a job. Or even that a place to live or even stay for a bit. It would be hard to even know how to take care of myself because I would forget how everything because the jail would just give what i needed at a right time. And then going out into the world trying to find what to do or think about yourself or whats going to happen next in your life. And If I got out of jail I would try my hardest to try and find my parents because they might not hate me as much and help me out with what is happening to me. I would be confused and I would forget about what things are like for ex. I would forget what it feels like to go to the store and buy things for myself. It would probably feel wered after a long time in jail. Could you even think if you were a girl and prego in jail. WOW I really would not know what to do after that. But out of anything I know that i would try really hard to get better but I know it would take a long long time.

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