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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Love higher Law is one of the good book but to me if you don't sit down and read it clearly and slowly you will not know what they are saying or talking about in the book.
there are these kids that gose threw a hard time they wake up one morning and they see that one of the world trade centers have been crashed into. There were kids in school to and they were watching the t.v the principal went on the speakers and said to calm down there is nothing to worry about and they think when some one seas to calm down that means that there is something wrong. The kids try to call there parents and get to were they need to go. A boy was at his house and fell asleep threw the hole thing his bf was writing him notes and everyone was writing to him on email and the t.v was going wild and the mother and father called and the mother was crying and the father sead things ad the mother is the one that had to say i love you be safe. This book lets you know and tells you what its like living like this when your town or city is being under attack and you don't know what to do. Being only a teenager and having to get your own food and drinks and a place to stay is really hard after knowing your parents are gone some were or is dead. This book can really change your mind about life.

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