Monday, January 11, 2010

"My Opinion: Capital Punishment"

I think that the death penalty is the worst thing in life that some one could even come close to.
I think that everything on earth has a life and nothing has the right do be killed.
I think that death penalty is something like murder. Even if the person that is getting that penalty murdered someone then i think you should make them go to jail for the rest of there life or something but death I don't like it at all. my opinion is that who ever thinks that the Capital Punishment is a right thing. I think that they should stop and think about what they are saying because if you killed some one or did something wrong you would want something like jail and not want to have a death penalty for you. You would want to live as long as you could...
But no people think that people should die if they do something bad. I think that any one can make a right after doing a wrong. Even if it means them going to jail for the rest of there life i think its better then death penalty.


  1. I think that if someone is a danger to someone else then they should be kept away from civilization.

  2. I love your sentence "anyone can make a right after doing a wrong". I feel that your point of view is really thought-out and makes a lot of sense. You explain yourself well.