Monday, December 21, 2009


everything i was waiting for was in my life every thing i was waiting for was set just right till one day his father mailed me and said peanut im sorry your not aloud to talk to him no moreeeeeeee........ im crying to hard im trying not to be herd my lifs going down the drane like its nothing people say good things take a wile but grate things com as soon as it can i was in love but now im heart broken i feel like dien i feel like dieeen sleep my pain away oh sleep my pain away never to wake again .... feeling the rain on my face knowing he was there in my life ... now hes left as fast as he came i loved him soooooooo i asked him PLEASE DONT GOOO dont go away from me but his father had to get in the way and force him to leave i had to stay now im in the gutter not wanting eachather being bothered about whats going to happen next......i loved him
i loved him
i loved him

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