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Monday, December 7, 2009

Contents under pressure - by lara m. jeises

There is a girl named Lucy she goes threw a tough time. Her brother moves back with a prego girlfriend. Her friends start splitting up and going back together a little bit. And Lucy gets a boyfriend for her first time. And in the beginning she feels like a looser.
Lucy finds out that her brothers girlfriend is prego. And then after that she start having more friend problems.
I like how she felt like she was some one or something when this boy came into her life and starts to love her. Because in the beginning she felt like a looser but now at the end she feels good about herself.
I think that girls will like this book more then guys for teens because this book is like a girly dream like she wants to be happy and she tells all the things that this guy dose with her.
The length of this book is nice to read it, it is a short story like when you read about how lLucy goes threw where problems there like you want to be there watching her move. Once you start to read it you probable will not stop you could finish it in a week or less.
There are a lot of people talking in this story The way the auther put it in you can read it really clearly.
Lucy leans on Tobin for support after lying tot he teacher about her ankle being hurting.

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