Monday, December 7, 2009


Violet is turning 15 and her parents are giving her a grown up party. But she ends up making a bad desition and her parents got mad and she cant have the part her parents said but she really really wants to have this party.
She really wants to have this party but she has conflicts that are happening and she really wants to go to Mexico to , to see a different place then were she lives now. And she fills out a paper with out her parents knowing and her father finds out and crumples the paper and throws it.
After a wile she gets what she wanted and she gets her party and gets to go to mexico but in the end she ends up having tot tell the truth. I think every one because its a good reading book and it tells about a girl having truble trying to be responsable to have a grown up party and beable to get what she wants.
The length of this book is really easy you can get done with this book really fast if you sit down and get into it. You could be done in one weekend.
when you look at the book and inside the book it looks like a lot but its not a lot at all you can read right threw it no problem at all.
when Violet tells her father that she 15 now and shes an adult now right to her father, her father starts to get teary eyed.

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